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A secret technology manipulates all life on Earth.

When we look at the sky and I see chemtrails, we must know at least two things.
One is that they are made up of “ingredients” that are deadly to humans and the other is that they are in heaven, and what is in alto..deve down ..

NASA itself admits that lithium is spraying in the atmosphere and a famous French climatologist, admits that ” experiment ‘of geo engineering you are making right now.
There is a spatial barrier, a secret Star Wars technology type that manipulates all life on Earth.
Turning on the net we found an interesting interview with Elana Freeland, writer, we want to propose you:
“The domain of all the electromagnetic spectrum implies a revolution in military affairs and in asymmetric wars.
Since the discovery of everything that you can do with electromagnetism, now we are faced with a completely different kind of war.

The domain of the whole electromagnetic spectrum or the ‘4 C’, which is another widely used term by the army, and that means ‘Command, Control, Communications and Cyberwar’, ranging from radio waves to gamma rays.
If we observe our band of the spectrum, we see that it really is very small, what we perceive with our five senses is very little, and yet there is much more.
When I wrote my book, first of all I wanted to eliminate all this ridiculous idea that chemtrails are a conspiracy theory.
I also wanted to show that chemtraails and l ‘HAARP washed together and need each other.
The experiments were a great success for the army.
They could see how it could implement other agendas, and now we have heating of the ionosphere around the world, and not only did we have them fixed but also mobile, and we also have a large amount of NEXRAD, or the latest generation of radar installations in military bases around the world.
So what really is being installed now through the chemtrails and ‘HAARP, which is a global tool, we not just think Alaska is a spatial barrier.

The interesting thing of all global instruments is the way they work together.
They need a network on which they can develop their operations, both weather, war or of any other kind, at individuals, to entire cities or small nations.
What was needed, and it was especially for this network of spatial barriers that I call ‘the planet block’, was ionized our atmosphere and keep it ionized.
So atmosphere ionized means that its battery is ready, which is electricity that is well prepared for qualsasi military operation that could be there, including communications and other things.
I remember very well when Iran suffered a drought 3 or 4 years ago, which seriously paralyzed the country.
They said clearly that it was a weather war of the United States.
It ‘a way to force obedience countries. It ‘a form to threaten you to accept certain programs.
It ‘also a way to earn money and this has to do with weather derivatives.
Now we have a word to describe what we are seeing, creating disasters to earn money, and now I think of the poor in New Orleans and Katrina.
Including the situation seeing that they had bought the Sevizio National Meteorological, making predictions for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and Lockheed Martin company develops models of predictions for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

Edward Snowden announced that he was doing something related to supervision, which we already knew for ten years, and in fact the spatial barrier consists mainly in this, in the supervision.
They want to have access to all people, in all places, at any time, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
It is artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence role in the world of the future that is being built now.
So if you can send frequencies, it can vibrate something and hit every kind of thing, because everything in our body, including the endocrine system, the brain, tissues, muscles, .., everything has its own frequency.
For this is not difficult to see that you can use and configure the whole environment, and to do this we need tools that can adjust the heavy metals of chemtrails for it to be constantly ionized and active, then you can configure the world we all part of this grid.
We are part of what they both like to call ‘the hive mind’.
Not necessarily have to destroy our brain with the cyclotron resonance.
Resonate with all that vibrates around us, we were created as well.
Now we can see what the elite is what is not.
Paare I think this is really positive, who knows, it may be that we do not feel good seeing our illusions fade away one after the other, but that is how it develops consciousness, giving up our illusions and facing the present moment. ”
It ‘possible that, notwithstanding the damage us, this is the first step to liberate our consciousness and out of control and the constant manipulation elite, facing the reality to enable the change that is so needed?


By Hackthematrix


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